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Corrupt Guilt

A true crime podcast that reveals corruption by the people who took an oath to defend and protect the American people. We are shedding light on the wrongfully convicted, and often forgotten about. Although these men and women do not serve life sentences behind bars, they still serve life sentences. These sentences make up the majority of those who are wrongly imprisoned. Join us as we bring you along on our journey into investigating prosecutorial misconduct, corruption, and bringing light to the injustices.

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Episode Three of Edwin Turlington

Oct. 30, 2022

Episode 3 of Edwin Turlington Investigation and conversation.


Oct. 23, 2022

Hi, and welcome to a new, true crime podcast. I'm your host, Savannah Renee. And this is corrupt guilt. Today I have Clint Lacey, back with us here in the studio. Clint is going to give the listeners a recap on what we've go…

Innocent Brandon Ray

Oct. 17, 2022

Let me tell youba story about an innocent young man, Brandon Ray. Brandon Ray is from Stoneville North Carolina and was taken advantage of my a young girl and the police. Stay tuned and check the website for merchandise FRE…

a few surprises ahead

Oct. 10, 2022

bear with us while we do a revamp for our show guilt by corruption we will see you next Sunday to continue our story about Delaware County Oklahoma

Exposing Corruption In Delaware County Oklahoma

Oct. 3, 2022

On today's episode of Guilt by Corruption, we will be exposing the corruption that has taken place in Delaware County, Oklahoma. Our special guest host, Clint Lacy, will be joining us to discuss the various cases of corrupti…


Sept. 25, 2022

today's episode is an introduction to guilt by corruption I also have a very special guest with me here today to help introduce this new series. Alannah Nykol Co-host. if you or someone you know has a case you'd like to have…

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Join Us Sunday November 6, 2022 for Part 4 of The Rape of …

Four years after shooting Darrell Philpott in self-defense, Edwin Turlington was still fighting charges and facing jail-time. Meanwhile, Darrell Philpo…

The Rape of Delaware County: Part Three

In Episode 3 of The Rape of Delaware County, Clint Lacy talks about the cover-up which followed Edwin Turlington's arrest for shooting Darrell Philpott i…

wrongful convictions and corrupted guilt

wrongfully charged with a crime he was forced to confess to

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